Kickball in DC on NBC

NBC 4 in Washington DC put together a very nice piece on WAKA’s kickball leagues in DC . Check it out at that link and you can visit WAKA’s DC area kickball page if you’d like to find a league to play in — we’re in DC, where it all started in 1998, and also have leagues in over 35 states.

Thanks to NBC 4 and to all the WAKA players that made us look good in this video. It talks about WAKA as a way to meet new people and touches on the charity fundraising our players do. There’s even a mention in there for World Kickball Championship Weekend.


Competitive kickball

For a good number of people that play WAKA Kickball, it’s very much a social sport. They do it to meet new people (they become reunited with old friends in some cases) and to have fun. Many players continue socializing after the game at their local kickball bar, not only with their team but with other players from their league. Some of these teams want to do well in their games, while others are far from focused on the score.

There’s also a very competitive side to WAKA Kickball. Some teams are definitely in it to win—studying the game, employing different strategies and recruiting new players they think will help their team.

Each year over Columbus Day weekend, WAKA teams from around the country gather in Las Vegas for World Kickball Championship Weekend.

Two WAKA tournaments take place as part of the event: The competitive Founders Cup tournament, which is invitation-only and determines the World Kickball Champion. And, as of last year, there’s now The Kickball Games, which is more about fun and superlative awards than kickball competition.

Over on the new Kickball Today blog, a WAKA colleague interviewed the captain of one of the teams that has been invited to compete in this year’s Founders Cup tournament.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from that interview with Lasalle Blanks, captain of The Situation, which plays in the VA Southside League in Hampton Roads, Virginia:

What I love about the Founders Cup (FC) is that you see the die-hard competitive, elite teams go at it and go at it hard (on the field, I mean).  We’re all obsessed with kickball and it shows when we’re all out there giving it our all. At one FC, someone told me it’s cool to finally not be considered “the too serious team” like they were back home. At FC, every team is “the serious team” back home – and it’s awesome. The competition gets intense but the respect for each other is amazing and that’s what’s awesome about the FC. It’s also very, very cool seeing old friends again from teams across the country.

And this, on when he won the Founders Cup in 2008 as a member of the team Frosty Balls:

Winning the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship is a freaking thrill. I still replay that final game over and over in my head. It’s something you never forget.

Here’s what competitive Founders Cup kickball looks like. This is video of the 2009 championship game — I especially enjoy some of the commentary:

There are also some nice cash prizes for this kickball tournament. The winner of Founders Cup this fall will get $10,000 cash plus other prizes, which is just part of over $20,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs during World Kickball Championship Weekend.

And I’m pretty excited it all happens in Vegas! I can’t wait to go.

A blog about kickball

Some work related news…

Today we launched a kickball blog on the WAKA website. I’m really excited about this. Each post has social sharing options, so please visit and Tweet, Facebook it, etc. And there’s a sidebar menu item that allows you to find kickball leagues near you by zip code. We’ll be adding even more new features in the coming weeks. Check it out and keep coming back to it for fresh kickball-related content.

Summer kickball

WAKA summer kickball 2011That’s our new WAKA Kickball flyer, promoting the upcoming summer kickball leagues. Check out a WAKA league near you and get signed up.

Check us out on Facebook too. On April 1, we were at 9,696 fans. As of right now, we’re at 11,644. So that’s almost 2,000 new fans in less than two months and I’m definitely excited about it. Facebook is a huge referrer of traffic to and our players are great about posting things like pictures from the field or information about their league’s charity efforts — a co-worker at WAKA just sent me a stat the other day that WAKA players have raised over $1 million for charity in the last four years alone…pretty amazing.

Speaking of charities and kickball, check out this video for Kick-It, a children’s cancer charity that WAKA works with. They hold kickball games to raise money for their cause and were founded by a 10 year old cancer patient.

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Cam Newton in a charity tournament with the official WAKA kickball

Cam Newton with Official WAKA Kickball

Cam Newton with Official WAKA Kickball (in the Charlotte Observer)

That’s Cam Newton, the #1 overall pick in last Thursday’s NFL draft, playing in a charity kickball game in Charlotte on Saturday with an official WAKA kickball.

According to the Charlotte Observer, it was Carolina Panther “teammate Jordan Gross’ charity kickball tournament which benefits cystic fibrosis.” The official website for Kick CF with Jordan Gross says that, going into Saturday, Gross’ annual event had raised over $200,000 the past three years.

It’s nice to see money being raised for a good cause and kickball a part of it.

Thanks to @scottnumbers for letting me know about that photo.

Great article on WAKA Kickball from the Fairfax Times in Northern Virginia

There is a great article by Dave Seminara in this week’s edition of the Fairfax Times that showcases both social and competitive aspects of WAKA Kickball. Check it out and, if you are a writer, I’d like an article just like that in every WAKA market in the country please.