All Caps & Wizards games on Comcast Sportsnet will be in HD

Here’s some good news for Caps and Wizards fans. According to this post on the D.C. Sports Bog, CSN will “produce all Wizards and Caps games in HD”. Back when I wrote about how Fios was not carrying CSN+ in some areas, the poor quality of the CSN+ feed was something I saw people bring up—the picture on CSN+ was worse than a standard definition channel. But hopefully those days are behind us and Caps and Wizards fans will be able to enjoy all games by both teams in HD. I’m kind of digging this whole living in the future thing.

Now I just need to get an HD TV. (Now’s the time where, if you monitor social media for say Samsung, you could offer me the opportunity to demo one of your products for the upcoming hockey season—and I’ll blog about it in exchange. Let’s make it happen. What? You don’t have that kind of authority? Ask your boss, they’ll be cool with it. )