Beach pillows by Tillowz

beach pillow by Tillowz

Tillowz beach pillow

My cousin and her family were just here for a visit and I realized it’s the perfect time of year for her business, Tillowz, makers of beach pillows.

As the company’s Twitter bio explains, “Tillowz are ultra soft, fully washable 12 x 16 inch terry velour beach and pool pillows. They are a perfect for lounging at the beach, travel and more.” And Tillowz also “partners with CTC Manufacturing a nonprofit who employs adults with disabilities to sew and assemble [their] pillows.”

So, check them out and get yourself a place to rest your head when you hit the beach, pool, campgrounds, hammock, etc. this summer. You can find them on Facebook too.


Spring adult kickball and dodgeball leagues

The push is on for our spring WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues.

Like it says on our Facebook page right now, “Round up your office team…email your friends and put a group together…or sign-up as a free agent and meet new people. Spring is right around the corner and the options are endless with WAKA!”

We also have a new website up for anyone looking at sports-related franchise opportunities. Check out our new social sports franchise video on YouTube as well.

YouTube video on franchise program

We have a new video up on YouTube now for WAKA’s social sports franchise program. Check it out below and, if you aren’t looking to own a social sports franchise yourself, we’ll give you $2,000 if you send an owner/operator our way through our franchise referral program.