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Kevin Weekes says Caps now “the main team” in DC area sports scene

December 2, 2011


Speaking on the NHL Network about the Anaheim Ducks hiring of former Caps coach Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Weekes praised Boudreau for putting Caps “back on the radar” and said, “they’re now the main team back in the DC area in terms of the sports scene.” True? Do the Caps come ahead of the Skins as […]

NBD: Never Been to Dallas Syndrome

September 29, 2010


I’m not a Skins fan but, as a guy who’s married to someone who roots for Duke—even though she never went to the school, doesn’t have any family who went to the school and has never lived anywhere near the school—I find this video pretty funny.

Don’t Let The Redskins Get Away With This One

October 30, 2009


Does anyone in the Redskins organization have a clue about PR? Some of them probably do, but they are either aren’t speaking up or are being shutdown. The team has a new policy that prevents fans from bringing signs of any kind to home games—not just offensive signs, but all signs. As this AP wire […]

In 2008-09, Caps Outsold the Skins

September 2, 2009


Something happened in D.C. sports this year that I’m fairly confident has never occurred before and that some people probably never thought possible—the Washington Capitals sold more tickets for their regular season games than the Washington Redskins did for theirs. Yup, D.C.’s NHL team outsold its NFL team. If you don’t follow D.C. sports, the […]


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