Bánh mì and Vietnamese iced coffee in NYC

vietnamesse iced coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee from the Paris Sandwich Cafe in New York City

I’m doing some freelance work to spread the word about the Paris Sandwich Cafe in New York City. I stopped in there for lunch today and that’s their Vietnamese Iced Coffee pictured here.

They’re working to grow their Facebook following, so check them out if you’re in NYC (they have a location in Jersey City too), give their Facebook page a Like and maybe get a few dozen of your NYC friends to do the same!


My question for the New York Road Runners Club and Richard Finn

English: Marathon de New-York : Verrazano Bridge

English: Marathon de New-York : Verrazano Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not envy the organizers of the New York City Marathon and the decision they had to face this week. But a statement I read by them today isn’t the type of thing that’s going to earn any more of my sympathy.

A quote appeared in a New York Post story, “This is no way to get us up and running,” which focuses on controversial plans by the New York Road Runners Club to move forward with this weekend’s marathon, as the city continues to struggle in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

“These are our private generators. We are not draining any resources from the city’s plan to recover,” Road Runners spokesman Richard Finn angrily insisted.

Ok, Mr. Finn, but imagine if your organization took those generators, put them toward relief efforts now and then held the marathon in a few weeks, when it will still give the economy a much needed boost and maybe an even better one if more spectators can get to the event, more NYC businesses can reopen and benefit, etc.

Why not do that, NY Road Runners? Having or not having the marathon on its scheduled date might be a tough call for your organization, but statements like this one make me wonder if you’re truly seeing the big picture.