Thoughts after the NHL lockout

Over on, I have a couple of posts about the NHL lockout now that it has finally come to an end. As a long time fan, this is the fourth NHL work stoppage I’ve sat through in the last two decades and the third lockout under league commissioner Gary Bettman.

But I feel most for all the businesses and employees who were affected by the lockout. Those who suffered financially because of the NHL and the NHLPA’s inability to get a deal done faster are the ones I’m most happy for at the moment. And as I explain in the first of the two BrooksLaichyear posts below, my excitement for the NHL’s return currently stops there.

In the second post, I talk about the “Hockey is back” slogan and some signs that maybe the NHL leadership, owners and players still don’t understand what it is that has some hockey fans feeling so uninspired about their brand of the sport.

Uninspired to watch: The NHL is back and I don’t care

With new slogan and simple apologies, NHL still doesn’t seem to get it