Music like Ray LaMontagne, Ben Harper, Radiohead, Coalesce, Dan Rockett

If you go to my artist page on Pandora, they list five artists they’ve determined my music is similar to:

Ray LaMontagne
Ben Harper
Dan Rockett

If any of those artists are ones that you enjoy, check out my music on Pandora, a music discovery site I’m grateful added my “Level” EP several years ago. They’ve helped spread it to people who otherwise may never have heard it. You can find my music on Spotify as well.

You can also play one of the tracks from “Level” right here:

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Stephen Kellogg’s guitars and gear stolen in Seattle – Let’s help him find them

Musician Stephen Kellogg had two Gibson guitars and other gear stolen from his van at the Marriott in Seattle. Here are the details from his manager Jessica Martin:

Stolen was a Gibson Southern Jumbo (serial number 2424030) and a Gibson Hummingbird, plus his pedal train pedal board with various pedals as well as a microphones, cables, harmonicas, etc.

Please keep an eye out. Check your local pawnshops, etc. If you have any information, please email Jessica at jessica AT Jessica is also on Twitter. One of the guitars is pictured here. Let’s get this information out there and help Stephen find his gear.

Stephen Kellogg with one of the two stolen Gibson guitars

Stephen Kellogg with one of the two stolen Gibson guitars

My post to Zach Braff about the “Wish I Was Here” soundtrack and my music

Zach Braff has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund his next film and you can pledge $10,000 and be a cast member in it. He also writes on his campaign page about putting together the soundtrack for the film and I’d like to know how much I can pledge to be on that.

So, over on my music website at, I have a new post up: How much do I need to pledge for a song on the “Wish I Was Here” soundtrack, Zach Braff?

Please check that out and share it if you’d like. Thanks!