Update from the road: Historic Galveston

Yesterday we headed down to Galveston from Houston to hit the beach. As a fan of Erik Larson’s book, “Issac’s Storm,” which focuses on the hurricane of 1900 that devastated the city, I was also looking forward to checking out some of the buildings that survived that storm.

So, before heading over to Stewart Beach, we grabbed some lunch in Galveston’s historic downtown area and I took a few pictures.


William Steinway was a 19th century blogger

Check out the article in today’s Washington Post by Jacqueline Trescott on William Steinway, the son of the founder of Steinway pianos. It sounds as if he was a 19th century blogger.

The article is about a new exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History that displays parts of Steinway’s diary. As Trescott writes, Steinway “wrote faithfully for 36 years, documenting the racial, ethnic and social struggles of the 19th century.”

The article quotes Anna Karvellas, “the managing editor of the Steinway project”, who says, “William Steinway was an immigrant, trying to prove himself. One thing was he went out almost every night. Whatever the rage was at the time, he was there.”