Co-ed adult dodgeball

Earlier this year, WAKA branched out into dodgeball after nearly 15 years in the kickball business. We launched leagues in Boston and Dallas that are now up and running. And we now have four additional leagues open for registration (Atlanta, Austin, Portland and a new season in Dallas), with more to come. We also use soft-play dodgeballs, which sting a lot less than the ones people might remember using in elementary school. You can see a picture of the ball in the latest WAKA blog post on our co-ed adult dodgeball leagues.


Viral Kickball Video

The video below went online last Friday and now has over 13,000 views, thanks to mentions by D Magazine and Deadspin, as well as a lot of shares on Twitter and Facebook along with views by WAKA Kickball players all over the country.

Filming for the show “Cheaters” spilled over onto a WAKA Kickball field. WAKA players weren’t actually the focus of the show — “Cheaters” just films in the area and they somehow ended up near, and then on, a field where our Thursday night Dallas kickball league plays. Check it out below and, just to warn you, it has some unsafe for work language in it.