To find CSN+

I’m noticing some web traffic on the blog already today from people wondering where they can find CSN+ so they can watch the Caps game tonight. Just check out this page on CSN Washington’s website, plug in your zip code and then your provider, and it will tell you what channel CSN+ is for you. Go Caps!



Looks like tonight’s CSN+ Caps broadcast will be on a different channel…

If you can’t find the CSN+ broadcast of tonight’s Caps game vs. the Florida Panthers in its usual spot on your cable system, it may have moved due to what looks to be MASN overflow baseball. Check the channel look-up guide on the Comcast SportsNet site to find out what channel it’s on for you. For many people it looks like it’s going to be channel 8.

If time allows, I might have more later on this.

Thanks to Curtis in Centreville for emailing me and bringing it to my attention that strange things were happening with the channels for tonight’s game.

You ask, when will Verizon FiOS have CSN+ available in HD?

A quick (cause this guy’s got a day job that doesn’t involve DC sports or cable television) lunchtime post…

A year ago, I was blogging about how FiOS customers in some parts of the Greater Washington DC area were not able to view Caps and Wizards games that were diverted to the CSN overflow channel (CSN+) on nights when both teams were playing at the same time. The issue eventually got resolved in February of this year and all was right in the world again.

AND THEN prior to the start of this basketball and hockey season, CSN announced that they would be broadcasting all Caps and Wizards games in HD. This meant that even on nights when both teams play simultaneously, the game that gets pushed to the overflow channel would still be in HD.

On November 5 of this year, both teams played and CSN produced games by the Caps and the Wizards in HD simultaneously for the first time ever.

BUT… (This next part gives me flashbacks to a year ago)

…not all providers are carrying the CSN+ HD feed yet.

Dan Steinberg wrote on the D.C. Sport Bog back in September, when he was reporting on CSN producing all the games in HD, “This is no guarantee that your own provider will pick up the CSN+ HD feed, but I’d imagine the major local carriers will see sufficient demand to make this happen.”

And much like a year ago, when people were clamoring for Verizon FiOS to add CSN+, there are some people now wondering when FiOS will have the CSN+ HD feed available.

The really, really good news is that FiOS customers are getting all the Caps and Wizards games, unlike with the situation a year ago when some FiOS customers could not watch the CSN+ games at all. But there are some people who’d like to see all those games in HD.

It looks like I got somewhere between 75 and 100 hits to the blog yesterday from people either looking for CSN+ or the CSN+ HD feed, as both the Wizards and Caps were playing, with the Caps on the overflow channel this time. And someone posted this comment.

I’ve sent a tweet to Joe Ambeault with Verizon, who was helpful last year in communicating about the CSN+ issue. I’ll also reach out to some other contacts and will post an update here at the bottom of this blog post when I hear something new.

In the meantime, if you’re trying to locate a CSN channel, they have a page on their site where you can look up the location of any of the CSN Washington channels on your cable network. And it’s worth noting that FiOS customers may not be the only ones unable to get CSN+ in HD yet. See this post on the Caps message boards where a few people are saying they’re not able to get the CSN+ HD feed through some other providers.

UPDATE – 11/22/10
A Verizon media relations representative told me today in an email that they “expect to add the HD channel in the early part of next year.”

CSN has Caps & Wizards in HD tonight simultaneously for first time ever

Tonight will be the first time during the 2010-11 regular season that the Washington Capitals and Wizards play at the same time. And as CSN Washington notes on their blog, the regional sports network will broadcast both teams’ games simultaneously in HD.

As many Caps and Wizards fans know well, this was not possible in the past. Whenever the two teams play at the same time, one of them is shown on CSN and the other on CSN+, which was not available in HD until recently (see “CSN to produce all Wizards and Caps games in HD” – DC Sports Bog).

To find out where you CSN+HD channel is located, Comcast SportsNet has a page on their site where you can look up the location of any of the CSN Washington channels on your cable network.

As noted in that September post on the Sports Bog, while all the games are being produced in HD by CSN Washington, “This is no guarantee that your own provider will pick up the CSN+ HD feed…”  So if you’re not seeing the CSN+HD feed as an option, you’ll need to check with your provider.

All Caps & Wizards games on Comcast Sportsnet will be in HD

Here’s some good news for Caps and Wizards fans. According to this post on the D.C. Sports Bog, CSN will “produce all Wizards and Caps games in HD”. Back when I wrote about how Fios was not carrying CSN+ in some areas, the poor quality of the CSN+ feed was something I saw people bring up—the picture on CSN+ was worse than a standard definition channel. But hopefully those days are behind us and Caps and Wizards fans will be able to enjoy all games by both teams in HD. I’m kind of digging this whole living in the future thing.

Now I just need to get an HD TV. (Now’s the time where, if you monitor social media for say Samsung, you could offer me the opportunity to demo one of your products for the upcoming hockey season—and I’ll blog about it in exchange. Let’s make it happen. What? You don’t have that kind of authority? Ask your boss, they’ll be cool with it. )

Verizon FiOS Adding CSN+ By Tomorrow; Friday Caps & Wizards Broadcasts Moved

Two quick pieces of news…

From Tim Fitzpatrick with Comcast SportsNet comes news that Verizon is “launching CSN+ on FiOS in the Mid-Atlantic area in time for tomorrow’s Wizards game.” See this previous blog post for why this is good news for some FiOS customers.

And Friday’s Caps game against Atlanta has been moved to CSN, while the Wizards game vs. Orlando will now air on CSN+.

MORNING UPDATE (2/3/10): Heather Wilner with Verizon emailed me this morning with a link to this post from a Verizon representative, which says that “Starting today, FiOS TV customers in Maryland and Virginia will have Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic Plus (CSN+), the CSN Mid-Atlantic overflow channel that gets you your Caps and Wizards games.” Verizon will “continue to offer the CSN+ content on FiOS1 in the D.C. metro area, and on channel 334 in the rest of the region.”

Caps & Wizards fans, Verizon FiOS has “solution for the ‘over flow’ games”

Here’s some promising news on the Verizon FiOS/CSN+ situation

I’ve been exchanging messages with Verizon Director of Product Management Joseph Ambeault on Twitter over the past week and on Friday afternoon he said: “Caps & Wizards fans – you have been heard & we have a solution for the ‘over flow’ games – hustling implementation plan.”

Those are the only details I have from them at this time, but I will post any updates I get.

According to the schedules on each team’s website, the next game that is set to air on CSN+ is Saturday, December 12 for the Caps, when they play at Toronto, and Friday, December 18 for the Wizards, when they play at Golden State.

12/11/09 Update — as I’ve noted in the comments below, a Verizon official has said that the affected FiOS customers will not have CSN+ in time for this Saturday (12/12/09) night’s Caps game in Toronto.

Further updates have been posted in the comments below.

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