What channel is the Caps game on tonight?

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Some people have landed on the blog today after searching for things like “what channel is the caps game on tonight”. There seems to be a bit of confusion about what channel tonight’s playoff game vs. the New York Rangers will be on and that’s understandable.

As recently as last night, the guide on my FiOS was telling me Comcast SportsNet was going to be carrying poker and basketball instead. But don’t worry if you saw that too. It’s incorrect and today, in the guide on my FiOS at least, the Caps game is now listed as being on CSN.

Brian Potter with Comcast SportsNet also tweeted this today: “#Caps-NYR Game 1 tonite on CSN at 7:30. SportsNet Central live at Verizon Center from 6-7, Capitals Central at 7 and full postgame coverage.”

Caps blogger Mike Vogel also posted some info on the Dump ‘n Chase blog, sharing a Comcast press release on the Caps First-Round TV Schedule. For those outside the CSNWashington area, this part specifically might be of interest: “*Please note that VERSUS’ coverage of Game 1 of the Capitals-Rangers playoff series on Wednesday, April 13 – which is subject to local black-out – will be Joined in Progress (JIP) following the completion of their featured game, Phoenix at Detroit, which begins at 7 p.m.”

And for those that get CSNWashington, if you’re wondering where to find the channel on your cable system, check out the CSN channel look-up guide.


You ask, when will Verizon FiOS have CSN+ available in HD?

A quick (cause this guy’s got a day job that doesn’t involve DC sports or cable television) lunchtime post…

A year ago, I was blogging about how FiOS customers in some parts of the Greater Washington DC area were not able to view Caps and Wizards games that were diverted to the CSN overflow channel (CSN+) on nights when both teams were playing at the same time. The issue eventually got resolved in February of this year and all was right in the world again.

AND THEN prior to the start of this basketball and hockey season, CSN announced that they would be broadcasting all Caps and Wizards games in HD. This meant that even on nights when both teams play simultaneously, the game that gets pushed to the overflow channel would still be in HD.

On November 5 of this year, both teams played and CSN produced games by the Caps and the Wizards in HD simultaneously for the first time ever.

BUT… (This next part gives me flashbacks to a year ago)

…not all providers are carrying the CSN+ HD feed yet.

Dan Steinberg wrote on the D.C. Sport Bog back in September, when he was reporting on CSN producing all the games in HD, “This is no guarantee that your own provider will pick up the CSN+ HD feed, but I’d imagine the major local carriers will see sufficient demand to make this happen.”

And much like a year ago, when people were clamoring for Verizon FiOS to add CSN+, there are some people now wondering when FiOS will have the CSN+ HD feed available.

The really, really good news is that FiOS customers are getting all the Caps and Wizards games, unlike with the situation a year ago when some FiOS customers could not watch the CSN+ games at all. But there are some people who’d like to see all those games in HD.

It looks like I got somewhere between 75 and 100 hits to the blog yesterday from people either looking for CSN+ or the CSN+ HD feed, as both the Wizards and Caps were playing, with the Caps on the overflow channel this time. And someone posted this comment.

I’ve sent a tweet to Joe Ambeault with Verizon, who was helpful last year in communicating about the CSN+ issue. I’ll also reach out to some other contacts and will post an update here at the bottom of this blog post when I hear something new.

In the meantime, if you’re trying to locate a CSN channel, they have a page on their site where you can look up the location of any of the CSN Washington channels on your cable network. And it’s worth noting that FiOS customers may not be the only ones unable to get CSN+ in HD yet. See this post on the Caps message boards where a few people are saying they’re not able to get the CSN+ HD feed through some other providers.

UPDATE – 11/22/10
A Verizon media relations representative told me today in an email that they “expect to add the HD channel in the early part of next year.”