One year in, Magellan GPS system still not recognizing complete Maryland Intercounty Connector (ICC)

According to, “A Maryland lawmaker is calling on the state to reduce the tolls charged to use the Intercounty Connector. Montgomery County Councilman Phil Andrews says the ICC is underused.”

As the NBC piece explains, the decision belongs to the Maryland Transportation Authority. But before the MTA experiments with the toll rates, they might want to try something that could make more drivers aware of the ICC.

There’s been plenty of marketing and media about the new road but one thing that could send even more drivers onto the road would be if GPS systems suggested it as a quicker route. A 10 mile section of the ICC that begins at I-95 near Laurel, crosses Route 29 and connects with the oldest portion of the toll road near Olney, does not show up in Magellan my GPS system, even after downloading the latest map update last week.

When I enter in “BWI Airport” as my desired destination, for example, before leaving my home in the Rockville/North Potomac area, my GPS suggests I take 270 to 495 to 95, as if the ICC doesn’t even exist. Yet this faster route has been open for nearly a year now.

Perhaps the tolls are too steep to attract some drivers. But getting the road recognized by navigation devices that seem to be showing up on more and more dashboards might be something to try first, before adjusting rates.

If anyone has experienced anything involving the ICC and other GPS systems, or with a Magellan like I have, please add a comment below. 


Catholic University vs. Washington Wizards

Who will draw a bigger crowd at home tonight in DC, the NBA’s Washington Wizards as they host the Portland Trailblazers or Catholic University as they host Frostburg State? That was the topic discussed earlier on Twitter between 106.7 The Fan’s Sky Kerstein and Holden Kushner, who then provided the photo evidence:

StubHub before and after Jayson Werth’s Game 4 walk-off home run

Around the time the Washington Nationals’ Jayson Werth was rounding the bases after depositing a Game 4, 9th inning, walk-off home run into the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen, I checked StubHub for tickets to Game 5, which will decide who moves on to face the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Series. That StubHub search showed there were 7,258 tickets available through the “fan-to-fan ticket marketplace” with Standing Room Only tickets starting at $50, as shown in the first screen capture below.

Just over 40 minutes later, there were nearly 2,000 fewer tickets available on StubHub and, as the screen capture below shows, the lowest priced Standing Room Only ticket was going for $83. With one swing of the bat, Werth has stimulated the DC economy, on StubHub and beyond.

Teddy finally wins the Nats’ Presidents Race

Teddy finally won the Presidents Race. Here’s video proof from where we were in right-center:

#hiremikeholden on

The #hiremikeholden hashtag made it onto, thanks to my fantastic wife! The Post wished good luck on Twitter too, after I tweeted the image below.  Thanks to them and everyone else who has been spreading the word about my job search and solo PR and marketing work. I appreciate it!


On BLY: 90.7% increase in price of these Caps season tickets over five years

With the new season ticket prices the Caps have announced for next season, two 400 level Caps season tickets that went for $1713 total in 2008-09 will now go for $3266 next season. That’s a 90.7% increase in 5 years.

It’s a business and the team needs to capitalize while they are hot, but raising the prices every year for five years and to this extent feels like a little much. Meanwhile, the Ravens announced their ticket prices will remain the same for the third straight year, with their president saying, “We know that our fans are continuing to be stretched financially to pay for season tickets. While the economy is improving, it’s still not strong.”

Why aren’t the Caps rewarding their plan holders a bit for their loyalty? Maybe take a year off with the price hikes? The Ravens have taken three.

Read more about it here: “Looking at the bigger picture and the dollars of the Caps continued season ticket price increases

On BLY: Looking at Caps tickets prices

Over on, the Caps blog that my brother and I just started, I took a look at Caps ticket prices on StubHub and some upcoming games that might end up being fairly inexpensive. I got five tickets in the 400 level to last Thursday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets for $8.99 each late that afternoon on StubHub. Looking at the schedule and the StubHub prices and inventory, there could be some more opportunities for Caps ticket bargains coming up.

In other Caps news, for those who followed this blog for CSN/CSN+ related information, check out this post over on the DC Sports Bog, which explains that DirecTV has added CSN+ in HD. That took awhile—it’s only been 17 months since CSNWashington announced they’d start broadcasting all Caps and Wizards games in HD.