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From “With hockey season one week away, plenty of cheap Caps tickets are available through the resale market”

September 24, 2013


Originally posted on BrooksLaichyear:
There are many opportunities to see a Caps game for less than face value in October. The Washington Capitals took a break from raising ticket prices this season after being pretty aggressive with some of their increases for several years in a row. I’ve spoken with more than one person who feels…

Stephen Kellogg’s guitars and gear stolen in Seattle – Let’s help him find them

May 20, 2013


Musician Stephen Kellogg had two Gibson guitars and other gear stolen from his van at the Marriott in Seattle. Here are the details from his manager Jessica Martin: Stolen was a Gibson Southern Jumbo (serial number 2424030) and a Gibson Hummingbird, plus his pedal train pedal board with various pedals as well as a microphones, […]

My post to Zach Braff about the “Wish I Was Here” soundtrack and my music

April 24, 2013


Zach Braff has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund his next film and you can pledge $10,000 and be a cast member in it. He also writes on his campaign page about putting together the soundtrack for the film and I’d like to know how much I can pledge to be on that. So, over […]

An open letter to UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen Hemsley about my family’s canceled COBRA insurance

April 10, 2013


4/12/13 Update: Great news! We’ve been reinstated by United Healthcare. Thank you to all who shared our story and to those who made the decision to reverse this. My wife and I appreciate all the support! — Mr. Stephen Hemsley: I made an honest mistake, wasn’t given a fair opportunity to correct it and now […]

Thoughts after the NHL lockout

January 13, 2013


Over on, I have a couple of posts about the NHL lockout now that it has finally come to an end. As a long time fan, this is the fourth NHL work stoppage I’ve sat through in the last two decades and the third lockout under league commissioner Gary Bettman. But I feel most for all […]

Connect with me on Twitter at @mikeholden

January 12, 2013


WordPress tells me that January 10 was my best day ever for follows of my blog. That was the same day I posted about my recent move to Madison, CT and the PR and marketing work I’m now trying to drum up near my new hometown or remotely. With new followers on board, I thought now […]

PR and marketing in Madison, Connecticut

January 10, 2013


A few weeks ago, my family and I moved from the Washington, DC area to Madison, CT, about an hour and half up I-95 from New York City. I’m now working on generating PR and marketing work in my new hometown and the surrounding area. This is a quick post to say that if you’re looking for […]

My favorite video so far of Jayson Werth’s Game 4 walk-off home run for the Nats

October 12, 2012


This is my favorite video so far of Jayson Werth’s NLDS Game 4 walk-off home run for the Nats. “I HIT RECORD!” is the new “GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!” (via @recordsANDradio) Related articles StubHub before and after Jayson Werth’s Game 4 walk-off home run (

SIGNS ALONG THE ROAD by Jennifer Holden Ward

March 20, 2012


Check out the latest piece my talented sister Jennifer had published: SIGNS ALONG THE ROAD by Jennifer Holden Ward. That appears in the Three Quarter Review. She also has one in a new issue of Potomac Review and I previously blogged about a piece she had published in Baltimore’s Urbanite magazine.

Celebrating International IPA Day

August 5, 2011


We celebrated the first International IPA Day yesterday in my house — creating that was a great idea by @TheBeerWench and @RyanARoss! I look forward to doing it again next year!

You disappoint me, Twitter and Alec Sulkin (@thesulk)

July 30, 2011


I absolutely hate when people use “retarded” or “retard” as a derogatory term. And Twitter has a tweet highlighted on their search page right now that does just that. It’s unacceptable. The use of the word as an insult completely disgusts me. And this has nothing to do with the politics of the tweet. The […]

Best. Food Truck. Ever.

May 28, 2011


(h/t to @regularguy)

Flexible work environments

May 9, 2011


I was happy to see the subject of flexible work environments getting front page exposure in Sunday’s Washington Post. I’m glad to work at a company that is already on the cutting edge with this concept—all WAKA employees are virtual workers; there is no office.  I’d like to see even more of this in business […]

Space Shuttle Launch from Airplane

February 27, 2011


This is pretty cool — someone got the final launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery on video from an airplane. I’m going to file this one under “cool space related videos” along with this one I blogged about back in November: Homemade spacecraft reaches 100,000 feet. [h/t Photojojo]

Flashmobs at the polls

November 2, 2010


Like with every election, it’s been written that some mid-term 2010 races are already over, hours (or even days) before the voting is over. Polls predicting various winners will likely be correct in many cases. But more than ever before, I have a hard time believing anything is over until the last ballot has been […]


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