USA Today Sports QR Code

I like this use of a QR code in the USA Today Sports section.



Kevin Weekes says Caps now “the main team” in DC area sports scene

Speaking on the NHL Network about the Anaheim Ducks hiring of former Caps coach Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Weekes praised Boudreau for putting Caps “back on the radar” and said, “they’re now the main team back in the DC area in terms of the sports scene.” True? Do the Caps come ahead of the Skins as DC’s “main team” right now?

Tank Carder of TCU & WAKA Kickball

Tank Carder's trophies

TCU linebacker and ESPN Preseason All-American Tank Carder sent WAKA this picture of his mantel this week, which has his 2011 Rose Bowl defensive MVP trophy displayed right in between two WAKA Kickball trophies from one of our Fort Worth area kickball leagues.

We tweeted it (Carder retweeted it too), shared it on Facebook and sent it to a few sports bloggers. Here are some bloggers that picked up the story:

Yahoo SportsTank Carder displays his Rose Bowl mantelpiece between two kickball trophies

SB Nation College FootballTank Carder’s Rose Bowl MVP, Kickball Trophies Are Equally Important

SB Nation Mountain West ConnectionTank Carder’s Rose Bowl MVP trophy between two WAKA Kickball trophies

Carder’s team qualified for our 60-team Founders Cup kickball tournament in Las Vegas this October, where the winner will be crowned World Kickball Champion. But I’m told he’ll miss it, which makes sense — it’s football season and TCU plays at San Diego State that night. But the WAKA trophies do look great next to the Rose Bowl trophy on the mantel!

WAKA Kickball on ESPN’s Mike & Mike

I came across this on YouTube this morning. A few years ago, former NFL player Mike Golic of ESPN’s Mike & Mike show stumbled upon a WAKA Kickball game in Connecticut and ended up rolling out the first pitch. Here he is talking about it on the show.

Website to identify Vancouver rioters

Smoke Over Vancouver

Image by Matthew Grapengieser via Flickr

A reason not to riot (just in case the resulting injuries and damage aren’t enough):

People have camera phones which they use to take pictures of you and then they post them to the web and ask for help identifying you so they can pass the information along to the Vancouver police:

Let’s hope that makes people think twice next time.

It’s not like you threw a D-Cell, Steinberg, right?

Washington Post writer Dan Steinberg says that seeing all the Phillies fans invade Nats park today made him “want to be a Nats fan.” He then notes he’s “supposed to be neutral and all that.”

Sure, it’s generally the rule that a journalist should not show they are rooting for one team or another in their work. But, I kind of feel like Philly’s major paper has maybe given Steinberg a little room to maneuver here… “Philadelphia Inquirer Encourages Fans To Throw Batteries At Boston’s J.D. Drew“.

What channel is the Caps game on tonight?

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Some people have landed on the blog today after searching for things like “what channel is the caps game on tonight”. There seems to be a bit of confusion about what channel tonight’s playoff game vs. the New York Rangers will be on and that’s understandable.

As recently as last night, the guide on my FiOS was telling me Comcast SportsNet was going to be carrying poker and basketball instead. But don’t worry if you saw that too. It’s incorrect and today, in the guide on my FiOS at least, the Caps game is now listed as being on CSN.

Brian Potter with Comcast SportsNet also tweeted this today: “#Caps-NYR Game 1 tonite on CSN at 7:30. SportsNet Central live at Verizon Center from 6-7, Capitals Central at 7 and full postgame coverage.”

Caps blogger Mike Vogel also posted some info on the Dump ‘n Chase blog, sharing a Comcast press release on the Caps First-Round TV Schedule. For those outside the CSNWashington area, this part specifically might be of interest: “*Please note that VERSUS’ coverage of Game 1 of the Capitals-Rangers playoff series on Wednesday, April 13 – which is subject to local black-out – will be Joined in Progress (JIP) following the completion of their featured game, Phoenix at Detroit, which begins at 7 p.m.”

And for those that get CSNWashington, if you’re wondering where to find the channel on your cable system, check out the CSN channel look-up guide.