Update from the road: Pensacola, FL

After our visit to Athens, Georgia, we dropped my brother off at the Atlanta airport Tuesday and then the three kids and I continued our unintentional tour of southern gas stations with out-of-order restrooms. We arrived in Pensacola that night, where we met up with my wife, and our time here’s been great. But we’ve also been without an Internet connection since Wednesday when our hotel was hit by lightning, so updating hasn’t been easy.

This post will be quick as I need to get back up to the hotel room before one or more of the kids wakes up and realizes they have no idea where they are (I’ll likely do this at some point during the trip as well—if I don’t mention this here, one of my family members who enjoys laughing about my sleeping habits would likely do it in the comments). I’ll work at getting some more details from the last few days online as soon as I can. In the morning we head to Mobile, Alabama to visit the USS Alabama, a World War II battleship that my wife’s grandfather served on. I’m really looking forward to it. Then it’s off to visit friends in Mandeville, LA followed by a quick and last-minute trip into New Orleans before heading onto Houston Sunday afternoon.

For now, here’s one quick highlight from Pensacola. On Tuesday, we checked out the Blue Angels practice at Pensacola Naval Air Station; it was amazing and, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things I’ve ever witnessed. Here’s a quick video of them flying right over us, which doesn’t do it justice. But the whole experience was fantastic. See them live if you never have.

I’ll post a proper update ASAP.

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