Heading out on an August road trip

Heading out on an August road trip
Tonight the family heads out on a road trip that will take three weeks and cover 3,495 miles between Maryland and Texas. My wife is traveling on business and our three kids and I will meet up with her in Pensacola on August 7, joining her from there.

If there’s anything we should do in or near the following places, I’d like to hear your suggestions. I love road trips and have been looking forward to this!

*August 3: Rockville, MD to Henderson, NC
*August 4: Henderson, NC to Charlotte, NC
*August 5: Charlotte, NC
*August 6: Charlotte, NC to Athens, GA
*August 7: Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA to Pensacola, FL
August 8: Pensacola, FL
August 9: Pensacola, FL
August 10: Pensacola, FL
August 11: Pensacola, FL to Mobile, AL to Mandeville, LA
August 12: Mandeville, LA to Houston, TX
August 13: Houston, TX
August 14: Houston, TX
August 15: Houston, TX
August 16: Houston, TX
August 17: Houston, TX
August 18: Houston, TX to Austin, TX
August 19: Austin, TX to San Angelo, TX
August 20: San Angelo, TX
August 21: San Angelo, TX to Dallas, TX
August 22: Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN
August 23: Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN
August 24/25: Nashville, TN to Rockville, MD

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll blog some during the trip and will post on Twitter too.

*My brother and fellow BrooksLaichyear blogger, Pat Holden, will be traveling with us for these dates and as far as Atlanta. He’s an excellent minivan co-pilot. I also believe he’d be open to the idea of wearing a NASCAR style jumpsuit along the way if anyone is looking for sponsorship opportunities. Your ad would look great on the side of the Holden family minivan as well.


16 thoughts on “Heading out on an August road trip

  1. 4 days in Houston — what’s the plan there? And you have to walk by the 40 Watt Club for sure. Text me if you want Michael Stipe’s address too!

    • We’ll definitely go by the 40 Watt — I did that on a previous trip to Athens but I want the kids to see it. There isn’t too much of a plan for Houston yet. I’ll be looking for things to do during the day with the kids and then things we can all do together at night. Here’s one thing we’ll be checking out there: http://www.houstonzoo.org/dinos/

  2. Mike – See if you can find time to eat at Lulu’s @ Homeport Marina – Gulf Shores, AL. Lulu Buffett’s place – if you’re lucky, her brother Jimmy might be performing! 🙂 Stopping off in Mobile for a bite? One of my favorites – Big Time Diner on Cottage Hill Road – great blue plate specials – chicken tenders are scrumptious and their mac n cheese! 🙂 Or…The Boiling Pot on Airport Blvd. for yummy shrimp and oyster po-boys. Since you’re bypassing New Orleans – better get some beignets in Mandeville at the Cafe du Monde coffee stand, I heard Pontchartrain Po-Boys have realllllllllly good po-boys. Have a blast with your family! Drive safely! Happy eating along the way!

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