QR Code on a Krispy Kreme box


This is a cool use of QR codes by Krispy Kreme on their doughnut boxes.


To find CSN+

I’m noticing some web traffic on the blog already today from people wondering where they can find CSN+ so they can watch the Caps game tonight. Just check out this page on CSN Washington’s website, plug in your zip code and then your provider, and it will tell you what channel CSN+ is for you. Go Caps!


Co-ed adult dodgeball

Earlier this year, WAKA branched out into dodgeball after nearly 15 years in the kickball business. We launched leagues in Boston and Dallas that are now up and running. And we now have four additional leagues open for registration (Atlanta, Austin, Portland and a new season in Dallas), with more to come. We also use soft-play dodgeballs, which sting a lot less than the ones people might remember using in elementary school. You can see a picture of the ball in the latest WAKA blog post on our co-ed adult dodgeball leagues.

Airborne advertising 2.0

The Baltimore Sun ran an article in the business section last week on Bootcamp Lights, the company that recently ran some WAKA kickball and dodgeball advertisements for us. They refer to it as “airborne advertising 2.0”. Check out part of our WAKA helicopter ad on YouTube through that last link.

Kevin Weekes says Caps now “the main team” in DC area sports scene

Speaking on the NHL Network about the Anaheim Ducks hiring of former Caps coach Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Weekes praised Boudreau for putting Caps “back on the radar” and said, “they’re now the main team back in the DC area in terms of the sports scene.” True? Do the Caps come ahead of the Skins as DC’s “main team” right now?