Brand Loyalty: WAKA Kickball Tattoo

How’s this for brand loyalty? One of our employees and players got a WAKA Kickball tattoo!


QR code on a banana


I love QR codes and enjoy seeing the creative ways people are starting to use them, like on Chaquita bananas to promote a recipe contest.

Advertising on a helicopter

We tried something new last week in promoting winter WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues, displaying ads on a helicopter over rush hour traffic with Bootcamp Lights. Check out the video below.


Monumental I.P.A.

I tried this the other day for the first time and really enjoyed it. It’s local for me, from Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, Virginia.

 Port City Brewing Company's Monumental I.P.A.

Alexandria, Virginia's Port City Brewing Company's Monumental I.P.A.