Summer kickball

WAKA summer kickball 2011That’s our new WAKA Kickball flyer, promoting the upcoming summer kickball leagues. Check out a WAKA league near you and get signed up.

Check us out on Facebook too. On April 1, we were at 9,696 fans. As of right now, we’re at 11,644. So that’s almost 2,000 new fans in less than two months and I’m definitely excited about it. Facebook is a huge referrer of traffic to and our players are great about posting things like pictures from the field or information about their league’s charity efforts — a co-worker at WAKA just sent me a stat the other day that WAKA players have raised over $1 million for charity in the last four years alone…pretty amazing.

Speaking of charities and kickball, check out this video for Kick-It, a children’s cancer charity that WAKA works with. They hold kickball games to raise money for their cause and were founded by a 10 year old cancer patient.

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