Kickball ad during NCAA tournament

I enjoyed seeing kickball featured prominently in a commercial during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this weekend. And the ad was for a good cause too — as the NCAA Fund the Future website explains it, “The NCAA and are working together to put academic and athletic supplies back into the hands of teachers and students.”


Viral Kickball Video

The video below went online last Friday and now has over 13,000 views, thanks to mentions by D Magazine and Deadspin, as well as a lot of shares on Twitter and Facebook along with views by WAKA Kickball players all over the country.

Filming for the show “Cheaters” spilled over onto a WAKA Kickball field. WAKA players weren’t actually the focus of the show — “Cheaters” just films in the area and they somehow ended up near, and then on, a field where our Thursday night Dallas kickball league plays. Check it out below and, just to warn you, it has some unsafe for work language in it.

Kickball in L.A.

There was some nice press for WAKA on Monday from KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, on the highest rated morning show in that market. Check out the videos below and get a complete list of kickball leagues in California from

Kickball in LA (Part 1)

Kickball in LA (Part II)

Kickball in LA (Part III)



WAKA kickballs at Dick's Sporting Goods

At the beginning of February, I started a new job as the director of marketing for the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA).  You can expect to hear more from me about my new employer on this blog and on Twitter.

In the meantime, check out the WAKA website for all your kickball related needs — it’s a great way to meet new people. I knew that was true before I took the job, but one thing I’ve been blown away by in my first month with WAKA is the number of couples I’ve heard about who met through WAKA kickball and got married. It’s a great social sport.

You can find WAKA on Facebook and  follow WAKA on Twitter too.