Verizon FiOS Adding CSN+ By Tomorrow; Friday Caps & Wizards Broadcasts Moved

Two quick pieces of news…

From Tim Fitzpatrick with Comcast SportsNet comes news that Verizon is “launching CSN+ on FiOS in the Mid-Atlantic area in time for tomorrow’s Wizards game.” See this previous blog post for why this is good news for some FiOS customers.

And Friday’s Caps game against Atlanta has been moved to CSN, while the Wizards game vs. Orlando will now air on CSN+.

MORNING UPDATE (2/3/10): Heather Wilner with Verizon emailed me this morning with a link to this post from a Verizon representative, which says that “Starting today, FiOS TV customers in Maryland and Virginia will have Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic Plus (CSN+), the CSN Mid-Atlantic overflow channel that gets you your Caps and Wizards games.” Verizon will “continue to offer the CSN+ content on FiOS1 in the D.C. metro area, and on channel 334 in the rest of the region.”


9 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS Adding CSN+ By Tomorrow; Friday Caps & Wizards Broadcasts Moved

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  2. That’s great news. Mike and everyone who has been keeping this alive should be congratulated. I have to also give Verizon some credit for being responsive to their customers.

  3. That is so great! Thanks and great work to everyone involed; Glad comcast and verizon could get it worked out. Next project… CSN+ HD!! 🙂

  4. Showed up today on my Fios channel 334 in Baltimore County.

    great work Mike, I can’t believe they actually delivered on this.

  5. Thank you, Mike, for having a HUGE hand in getting this done. However, Verizon should be ashamed that it took them 3 years to finally add CSN+, when, apparently, it’s been available to them the whole time.

  6. We couldn’t have done it without you, Mike. We were complaining to Verizon, but you pressed the issue and forced them to finally respond. It looks like in the past, CSN would provide nothing but a part time feed, and Verizon would have nothing to do with it. Together, we put enough pressure on both CSN and Verizon to figure this out. We even got the attention of Ted Leonsis, who is now asking why every game cannot be shown in HD. On that note, CSN shows every Flyers and Blackhawks game in HD. CSN California has announced they will show every game in HD starting in April. That leaves the Caps as the only NHL team on a CSN channel that has yet to have an all HD schedule in place. Maybe someone at CSN can answer as to why this is, especially with their record ratings. No HD tonight from NYC…

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