Talk to Chuck…using social media

Talk to Chuck ads with social media included While on the D.C. Metro one day this week, a Charles Schwab ad campaign inside the train caught my attention. In the bottom left hand corner of the ads (similar to the one featured here on the right), they have included a series of icons directing people to social media sites Facebook, Yelp and YouTube.

It may seem small but this is a great thing Charles Schwab has done here—if you’re going to spend the money on a campaign, why not link to social media and the web so the conversation can continue even after people step away from your ads or after you’ve stopped running the campaign. This is the type of thing that was missing from the Nats’ Washington Post ad I mentioned in an earlier blog entry (Sorry, Nats—I’m not trying to pick on you—like I said in the earlier post, it was a great ad but there was a missed social media opportunity).

Social media can help stretch your dollars further. And you never know which people seeing your traditional marketing materials will turn out to be super-fans who will share your content all over the social web, bringing you even more bang for your buck. If you’re using social media, it pays to let people know through your other communications, as Chuck did here.

Thanks to Matt at Charles Schwab for emailing me the ad pictured above–and he responded the same day I wrote him. Hats off to him for engaging a blogger.


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