Nats ad could have been even better with direction to social media & web

The Nats had a nice full page ad in today’s Washington Post. It thanks the fans, runs down all the highlights of the 2009 season and ends by saying “We’ll see you in 2010!”

Nats full page ad in Washington Post

Washington Nationals full page as from Sunday, November 1, 2009 edition of The Washington Post.

I think this ad was a great idea. Baseball fans are following the World Series right now. Sports fans in D.C. are not feeling great about the Skins and are in the process of getting wrapped up in both the Caps and Wizards seasons. Even without everything else taking place across the local sports landscape, this was a nice reminder from the Nats about what the team accomplished this season, that they appreciate their fans and it planted some seeds for next season.

What I’m about to say should not be interpreted as me bashing the ad. I thought the ad was a great idea however, I think the Nats missed an opportunity to use it as a way to stay connected with more people over the remainder of the off-season and beyond. At the bottom of the ad, why not say “Follow of us on Facebook and Twitter” and print the URLs for both. Or say “Keep up with all the latest Nats news this off-season at”

If you’re going to spend all that money to get in the Post, get as much out of it as you can by keeping the campaign alive through social media and the web. Some of those eyeballs today (Washington Post circulation is 983,243 on Sunday as of this posting) could have been converted into more followers online who would consume and share pixel-after-pixel of Nats news—and it would be news coming directly from the organization, not from outlets who could put their own spin on it, get something wrong or not cover the team as much as the organization might like them to.

It was a great ad—but a missed opportunity.


One thought on “Nats ad could have been even better with direction to social media & web

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