New York Times: Part II

We’ve been seeing some great ABCTE-related blog activity following yesterday’s article in the New York Times. Some big players in the education blog world have referenced the story:

Joanne Jacobs – “Fast track to teaching
Heritage Foundation – “Getting Talent Into The Classroom
Flypaper – “Alt. Routes to Teaching…
Eduwonk – “Two On Teachers
Ed is Watching – “ABCTE Serves Important Niche for Adults Switching to Teaching Career

I’m a big believer in the idea that getting press is a great way to get more press. Once you have received press, an important next step is to let everyone know you got the press and to see if you can spin it into additional exposure. For example, maybe getting a mention in a newspaper can be used to land a radio interview. The story can also live on in the form of blog posts or, more recently, through tweets and Facebook mentions. Thanks to these edubloggers, even more people are finding out about the New York Times piece and ABCTE.


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