A Simple Example of Great Customer Service

Posted on October 10, 2009


I was in a D.C. area Fuddruckers the other day and saw a nice example of the difference between average customer service and great customer service.

I went to the counter in search of a highchair. The guy I asked said, if we don’t have any over there, we’re out. He was nice about it.

A manager standing further back overheard this and said, let’s check the floor. Sure enough, we found an abandoned highchair, he cleaned it off and asked where my table was. I stopped him and told him I could carry it from there.

The first guy didn’t do anything to upset me but he didn’t go above and beyond–he didn’t ‘wow’ me. I would have gone back to my seat and figured out another way to feed a toddler.

The second guy though is either a manager because he knows how to handle guests or he’s knows how to handle guests because he’s a manager. Bottom line: he didn’t hesitate when he heard my question and there was no way that guy was going to stop until he had done everything in his power to make sure I had, as his customer, whatever I needed. Simple, yet so important and too rare. That’s the kind of person you want all throughout your company if you deal with the public–you can find them or you can breed them. Hopefully that manager went back to the other employee afterward and showed him how he can be the one to impress the guest the next time.

Posted in: PR/Marketing