Sky’s the limit

JetBlue’s All-You-Can-Jet Pass is a fantastic marketing idea. It should help fill seats during a “slow period for airlines” [source] and the buzz it’s generating is hard (if not impossible) to buy. How much would you pay to have your promotion included on the news ticker that runs along the bottom of the CNN screen, or to have it trend on Twitter or pop up via word-of-mouse in people’s in-boxes and instant message windows all across the country? This is a genius promotion for word-of-mouth, viral buzz.

JetBlue also has the opportunity to capitalize further on this promotion, even after the sale ends next week. I’d love to see them use blogs and video to share stories of people getting the most out of their JetPass. For example, why not use new media to follow an independent musician who is using his/her pass to play as many cities as they can in one month. Or a business traveler (preferably Michael Scott) meeting with as many clients as possible. Or someone visiting family throughout the country. Maybe some of these people will squeeze over $1000 of travel out of this $595 deal. Great! Tell us about it or, rather, help these customers tell us about it using the web. Build buzz and then bring the promo back again during another traditionally slow period. Future JetPass buyers will have these great stories to relate to.

In addition to putting several different people’s experiences online, JetBlue can establish #jetpass as their official tag of this campaign on Twitter and encourage people to tag their tweets as they take advantage of the deal. JetBlue can interact and retweet their favorites (they’ve already started to do a little retweeting, as people tweet about the trips they’re planning).

I’ll stop there. This is a great promotion already and the buzz it will create could be far from over.


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