What’s in a Headline?

Something in today’s Washington Post has me puzzled. The Post reprinted a Baltimore Sun article about last night’s Orioles game, a game Baltimore lost 6-5 to the Boston Red Sox. The headline in The Post reads, “Guthrie, Orioles Blasted by Boston.” In the game, the Red Sox scored six runs and hit three home runs off Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie, while the Orioles put up five runs and hit two home runs off Red Sox starter John Smoltz. The Orioles nearly had a third home run, but Boston center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury robbed Luke Scott of one.

So, the starting pitchers have similar lines in the box score, in what was a one-run game–and the O’s were inches away from putting another run on the board with Scott’s near homer. Yet, The Post says Guthrie and the Orioles got “blasted.” I checked the Baltimore Sun, where this article originally appeared. The headline: “Red Sox defeat Orioles, 6-5, in opener.” That headline seems a little more appropriate for a one-run game. “Blasted” would have been more appropriate if the Sox had won something like 10-5 or hit a couple more home runs.

So, what’s up with the Post headline? Maybe it was written in a hurry, without much thought or by someone who just isn’t up on baseball (this is, afterall, the same paper that has called a hockey puck a “ball” in a photo caption)? Is the creator of that headline loyal to the Nats or D.C. and looking to make the team up the road’s performance look worse than it really was? Or maybe they’re a Sox fan? 6-5 isn’t a blasting. Why not go with something similar to, or exactly, what appeared with the original article in The Sun?


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