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On BLY: Looking at Caps tickets prices

February 16, 2012


Over on, the Caps blog that my brother and I just started, I took a look at Caps ticket prices on StubHub and some upcoming games that might end up being fairly inexpensive. I got five tickets in the 400 level to last Thursday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets for $8.99 each late that […]

Spring adult kickball and dodgeball leagues

February 6, 2012


The push is on for our spring WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues. Like it says on our Facebook page right now, “Round up your office team…email your friends and put a group together…or sign-up as a free agent and meet new people. Spring is right around the corner and the options are endless with WAKA!” […]

YouTube video on franchise program

January 30, 2012


We have a new video up on YouTube now for WAKA’s social sports franchise program. Check it out below and, if you aren’t looking to own a social sports franchise yourself, we’ll give you $2,000 if you send an owner/operator our way through our franchise referral program.

Co-ed adult dodgeball

December 7, 2011


Earlier this year, WAKA branched out into dodgeball after nearly 15 years in the kickball business. We launched leagues in Boston and Dallas that are now up and running. And we now have four additional leagues open for registration (Atlanta, Austin, Portland and a new season in Dallas), with more to come. We also use […]

Advertising on a helicopter

November 16, 2011


We tried something new last week in promoting winter WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues, displaying ads on a helicopter over rush hour traffic with Bootcamp Lights. Check out the video below.

Nice press for WAKA Kickball

September 2, 2011


There’s been some good press for WAKA Kickball recently and this week there were two articles from California I really liked. Both pieces nicely showcase the great social aspects of WAKA and have some nice quotes. They also both mention the charity work our players do. The writer of a San Jose Mercury News article […]

Fall kickball leagues

August 8, 2011


Some of our fall WAKA Kickball leagues are now open for registration with more opening over the course of the next few weeks. And if you missed it, definitely check out this NBC 4 piece on WAKA Kickball — they did a nice job showing the various aspects of WAKA, including the games, the social […]

Competitive kickball

June 29, 2011


For a good number of people that play WAKA Kickball, it’s very much a social sport. They do it to meet new people (they become reunited with old friends in some cases) and to have fun. Many players continue socializing after the game at their local kickball bar, not only with their team but with […]

Boston dodgeball

June 21, 2011


More exciting news on the work front… After nearly 15 years in the kickball business, WAKA is branching out into another social sport. There’s a new post on the WAKA blog with details on our new dodgeball league in Boston. Please tell your friends in the Boston area to check it out. There’s a free […]

Great article on WAKA Kickball from the Fairfax Times in Northern Virginia

April 29, 2011


There is a great article by Dave Seminara in this week’s edition of the Fairfax Times that showcases both social and competitive aspects of WAKA Kickball. Check it out and, if you are a writer, I’d like an article just like that in every WAKA market in the country please.

Viral Kickball Video

March 10, 2011


The video below went online last Friday and now has over 13,000 views, thanks to mentions by D Magazine and Deadspin, as well as a lot of shares on Twitter and Facebook along with views by WAKA Kickball players all over the country. Filming for the show “Cheaters” spilled over onto a WAKA Kickball field. […]

Kickball in L.A.

March 8, 2011


There was some nice press for WAKA on Monday from KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, on the highest rated morning show in that market. Check out the videos below and get a complete list of kickball leagues in California from Kickball in LA (Part 1) Kickball in LA (Part II) Kickball in LA (Part III) […]


March 1, 2011


At the beginning of February, I started a new job as the director of marketing for the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA).  You can expect to hear more from me about my new employer on this blog and on Twitter. In the meantime, check out the WAKA website for all your kickball related needs — […]


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