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Every city or town needs a simple Twitter hashtag (i.e. #MadisonCT, #BaltimoreMD)

July 22, 2013


A quick thought… Some cities and towns have active visitor-focused and tourism-related organizations that market their hometown well and respond quickly to requests for information about what’s happening locally. There are also cities and towns that have a hashtag they’ve created and promoted, while some have one that has grown more organically. Other locations have […]

Connect with me on Twitter at @mikeholden

January 12, 2013


WordPress tells me that January 10 was my best day ever for follows of my blog. That was the same day I posted about my recent move to Madison, CT and the PR and marketing work I’m now trying to drum up near my new hometown or remotely. With new followers on board, I thought now […]

#hiremikeholden: Taking my job search viral and starting a PR/marketing firm

March 20, 2012


UPDATE: I'm moving to #Connecticut in mid-December. Who wants to hire a #writer ( or some #PR help ( #HR— Mike Holden (@mikeholden) November 30, 2012 —Original Post— As I take the next step forward in my career, I’m looking to do two things and I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes […]

Website to identify Vancouver rioters

June 16, 2011


A reason not to riot (just in case the resulting injuries and damage aren’t enough): People have camera phones which they use to take pictures of you and then they post them to the web and ask for help identifying you so they can pass the information along to the Vancouver police: Let’s hope […]

Viral Kickball Video

March 10, 2011


The video below went online last Friday and now has over 13,000 views, thanks to mentions by D Magazine and Deadspin, as well as a lot of shares on Twitter and Facebook along with views by WAKA Kickball players all over the country. Filming for the show “Cheaters” spilled over onto a WAKA Kickball field. […]

Flashmobs at the polls

November 2, 2010


Like with every election, it’s been written that some mid-term 2010 races are already over, hours (or even days) before the voting is over. Polls predicting various winners will likely be correct in many cases. But more than ever before, I have a hard time believing anything is over until the last ballot has been […]

The Mike Wise Issue in One Tweet

September 1, 2010


Regarding Washington Post columnist Mike Wise and his experiment on Twitter—where he sent out tweets containing made-up information to basically test a theory and see if people would pass it on without verifying its accuracy—this tweet by John Ourand with Sports Business Journal says it all: “@MikeWiseguy You aen’t right about “nobody checking facts” on […]

Non-Profit Generating Revenue Through Facebook & Twitter

March 9, 2010


The non-profit teaching certification program I work for ran a small promotion on Facebook and Twitter last week and we saw some nice results, bringing in over $12,000 in revenue in one day. The promotion also helped us gain new followers, particularly on Facebook, where we’ve gained about 100 new fans since we first announced […]

Trying Out GetSocial

February 23, 2010


I’m trying out GetSocial on my posts now. Icons will appear across the bottom of new posts going forward — you can click on those to share the post across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Talk to Chuck…using social media

November 11, 2009


While on the D.C. Metro one day this week, a Charles Schwab ad campaign inside the train caught my attention. In the bottom left hand corner of the ads (similar to the one featured here on the right), they have included a series of icons directing people to social media sites Facebook, Yelp and YouTube. […]

Nats ad could have been even better with direction to social media & web

November 1, 2009


The Nats had a nice full page ad in today’s Washington Post. It thanks the fans, runs down all the highlights of the 2009 season and ends by saying “We’ll see you in 2010!” I think this ad was a great idea. Baseball fans are following the World Series right now. Sports fans in D.C. […]

Benefits of social media on display

October 23, 2009


In a recent edition of Commentz, public relations and new media consultant Sarah Evans said: We (husband and I) attended a wedding of a college friend this weekend. We attended with many people we hadn’t “seen” in years. However, it didn’t feel strange seeing and interacting with these people. Why? I am “friends” with them […]

Speaking at PRSA Event October 28

October 6, 2009


On October 28, I’ll be speaking at an event hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The panel is “What’s All the Twitter About?: Adding Social Media to Your PR Strategy” and I’ll be speaking about how we’ve added social media into the overall PR strategy at ABCTE. […]


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