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PR and marketing in Madison, Connecticut

January 10, 2013


A few weeks ago, my family and I moved from the Washington, DC area to Madison, CT, about an hour and half up I-95 from New York City. I’m now working on generating PR and marketing work in my new hometown and the surrounding area. This is a quick post to say that if you’re looking for […]

#hiremikeholden on

March 22, 2012


The #hiremikeholden hashtag made it onto, thanks to my fantastic wife! The Post wished good luck on Twitter too, after I tweeted the image below.  Thanks to them and everyone else who has been spreading the word about my job search and solo PR and marketing work. I appreciate it!

Brand Loyalty: WAKA Kickball Tattoo

November 18, 2011


How’s this for brand loyalty? One of our employees and players got a WAKA Kickball tattoo! Related articles Tank Carder’s Rose Bowl MVP, Kickball Trophies Are Equally Important ( Yes, the Kickball World Championship will be held in Las Vegas on Saturday, and it will be glorious (

QR code on a banana

November 17, 2011


I love QR codes and enjoy seeing the creative ways people are starting to use them, like on Chaquita bananas to promote a recipe contest.

Advertising on a helicopter

November 16, 2011


We tried something new last week in promoting winter WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues, displaying ads on a helicopter over rush hour traffic with Bootcamp Lights. Check out the video below.

Nats should leverage demand for a Teddy win to get something they need

June 2, 2011


It’s been almost exactly a year since I suggested the Washington Nationals should let Teddy win their Presidents Race on June 4, 2010, as a consolation prize to all the fans who’d bought tickets  to that game thinking it might be Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut. But Teddy came up short in that race, leaving […]

On the Web, Athletes are Leaving Money on the Table

December 10, 2009


More athletes need web pages. This doesn’t sound like something that should have to be said in 2009, but Google your favorite athlete and see what comes up. Chances are the first few results are for stats/bio pages on the big sports sites—like or Yahoo! Sports—or for Wikipedia pages. Sometimes the top results are […]

Starbucks Helping to Grow Instant Coffee Sales for Others?

November 16, 2009


As I emerged from the D.C. Metro today, someone handed me the package pictured on the right. It contains several NESCAFÉ samples in multiple flavors. Clearly, NESCAFÉ is looking to protect their share of the instant coffee market as Starbucks pushes Via, and I think they’re doing a good job of it with this street-team […]

Positioning your CEO as an expert

November 11, 2009


Someone in the PR field told me this week that we’re doing a good job of positioning our CEO, Dave Saba, as an education expert. This was nice to hear and it got me thinking about the things Dave and the rest of us at ABCTE are doing to earn him this reputation. I won’t […]

Nats ad could have been even better with direction to social media & web

November 1, 2009


The Nats had a nice full page ad in today’s Washington Post. It thanks the fans, runs down all the highlights of the 2009 season and ends by saying “We’ll see you in 2010!” I think this ad was a great idea. Baseball fans are following the World Series right now. Sports fans in D.C. […]

New York Times: Part II

October 16, 2009


We’ve been seeing some great ABCTE-related blog activity following yesterday’s article in the New York Times. Some big players in the education blog world have referenced the story: Joanne Jacobs – “Fast track to teaching“ Heritage Foundation – “Getting Talent Into The Classroom“ Flypaper – “Alt. Routes to Teaching…“ Eduwonk – “Two On Teachers“ Ed […]

ABCTE in New York Times

October 15, 2009


ABCTE is the organization I do the PR for and we received some nice press in today’s New York Times. The article, “A Fast-Track Alternative to a Teaching Job,” talks about people going into teaching as a second career through alternative certification programs. Two ABCTE teachers are in the article: a special education teacher in […]

A Simple Example of Great Customer Service

October 10, 2009


I was in a D.C. area Fuddruckers the other day and saw a nice example of the difference between average customer service and great customer service. I went to the counter in search of a highchair. The guy I asked said, if we don’t have any over there, we’re out. He was nice about it. […]

Speaking at PRSA Event October 28

October 6, 2009


On October 28, I’ll be speaking at an event hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The panel is “What’s All the Twitter About?: Adding Social Media to Your PR Strategy” and I’ll be speaking about how we’ve added social media into the overall PR strategy at ABCTE. […]

How’s this for fan relations?

August 18, 2009


I really like what Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers did here. A kid caught two foul balls during a game this week, within a few pitches of one another and they put the video online.  It’s the type of thing that will drive traffic to their website and it shows fans they care–it’s […]


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